Twilight Transmissions

Bio: With a diverse musical background spanning more than two decades, Chris Alvarado continues to create music that pushes new sounds and captures audiences located near his Salt Lake City-based studio to listeners around the world. Alvarado’s career began in 1985 when his musical passion was ignited by the SLC Punk scene. He started playing bass guitar, joining his first band, HARSH REALITY (S.L.C.), a band that started new trends towards the mid 80’s. Today, Alvarado plays classical/electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion and keyboards, creating music that crosses over many genres, including ambient, acoustic, noise and atmospheres. More recently, Alvarado’s projects capture new sounds of electro-acoustics and computer-generated noise. Though involved in a multitude of projects over the years, Alvarado’s most popular projects include 23 EXTACY synthetically generated aggressive and dark hardcore Industrial music; ROSES & EXILE, featuring guest vocalists with lyrics written by Alvarado; and TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS, purely instrumental music with ambient noise manipulation. Each project has its own sound, but also exudes Alvarado’s unique musical personality. Bands Alvarado has been in include HARSH REALITY (S.L.C.), B.F.D., SHIV, BEAT IRON BLUE, GENOCIDAL EXISTENCE and LITTLE SAP DUNGEON, to name a few. Alvarado continues to explore new musical frontiers, breaking traditional music models and paving the way for the next generation of musicians.

TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS was started by Christopher Alvarado in the year of 2003. It began as an experimental power noise project with the first self titled album. It has grown over the years exploring Drum and Bass, Noise, Experimentation and Dark Ambient.

Recently I.v. Martinez of Slovakia's T.R.I.v.M. and Helen Cox in the U.S. of Moon of Delerium and Gravecode Nebula have joined the darkness for a new collaboration with Christopher Alvarado in Twilight Transmissions.

The combination of the two inspire Twilight Transmissions to where it is now with their creativity, new ideas and oneness with every new work that is created for the over all feel to the strange darkness that lurks below the nomadic heart.
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