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The latest album from brothers Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg is an exciting venture into the world of Norse mythology. Blending the tone, language, and instruments of classical-romantic music with more contemporary music genres, the result is a soulful and powerful sonic experience.

“Flight of the Raven”, the first in a series of two EP’s centered around Norse mythology, showcases four of the brothers’ works in settings ranging from small ensembles to big romantic orchestras — from the intimate delicacy of Flight of the Raven, where the bird of the monocular god is sent out to surveil over the living and the dead, to the bombastic and epic of Thundergod, where Thor’s rage is set loose

CD Layout & Design by Daniel Tjernberg
Photography by Jan Hallberg and Martin Tjernberg

"Flight of the Raven" is dedicated to Svarv 2002-2017

01. The Fires of Muspelheim (feat. Hada Pixie)
02. Thundergod (feat. Tor Marrock)
03. Flight of the Raven
04. Ginnungagap

Additional Musicians:
Guitars by Gabriel Tjernberg
Drums "Thundergod" by Jonas Hoffman

Produced by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg
Mixed, and Engineered by Mikael Tjernberg
Mastered by Rob Schubert of Uncoiled Loops
Recorded and Mixed at Goatman Studios, Sweden between 2015-2018
Additional Recording in Kalstad, Sweden; Wales, UK; and Atlanta, GA USA

Available At:
Bandcamp CD Baby

Flight of the Raven (Teaser)


Beach Sloth
Higher Plain
Upsala Nya Tidning
The Grim Tower
Keys & Chords