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Black Heat is inspired by the grays and insight of winter. Dedicated to all who suffer seasonal depression. Be well!

Art and cover by M Nomized
All vocal tracks recorded at the Void of Realms studio by K.J. Cazier

Twilight Transmissions would like to thank TG Mondalf for his constant support and kind heart as well as M. Nomized for his wonderful talents and K.J. Cazier for always being there as a second ear, artistic input as well as constant support.

HUGE thank you to all whom have taken the time to listen to our album!!

CD Layout & Design: Heru-Set Productions

01. Blue Devils
02. Dragging Descent
03. Cold Empty Void
04. gloO(H)M
05. Baleful Devotion
06. Blue Devils (Reprise)
07. The Argentine Mortality
08. Porcelain Shards*
09. Black Heat
10. World Serpent*
11. Black Heat (Seduced In by Void of Realms)

*Bonus Tracks
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