V/A - Disembodied Voices
(An Exploration In Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Disembodied Voices was created based on the concept of Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Artists were asked to create tracks based on this theme utilizing 'real' EVPs where possible. The result is sometimes spooky, sometimes strange, and sometimes danceable.

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: Hada Pixie Imaging
Models: Magdalena Hex & Rage Fyre

The compilation utilizes a haunting Prologue, Intermission, and Epilogue created by freelance composer Jonathan Sharp. Tracks vary from spooky and haunting, to noise and experimentation, to Witch House, Industrial, and other forms of music that's even danceable at times.

01. Jonathan Sharp "Prologue" Δ Facebook SoundCloud
02. GHØS†BØY "R△DIO" * Facebook SoundCloud
03. Rob Early "An Empty Existence" Δ Official Website Facebook
04. Introspect Void "Behind the Veil of Anu" Official Website Facebook SoundCloud
05. Christopher Alvarado "The Other" Official Website Facebook
06. Ciphony "Apophenia" Δ Official Website Facebook
07. Lawrence Alexander Saynth "Salva Me (Ghost Remix)" Δ Facebook SoundCloud

08. Neuroscepter "Luciforms Return" *
09. Jonathan Sharp "Intermission" Δ Facebook SoundCloud
10. I Transform & Inner Struggle "Selah (Dark Waters Mix)" Δ Official Website Facebook SoundCloud
11. Sergeant Sawtooth "Place of Rest (Paranormal Mix)" Δ Facebook Bandcamp

12. Twilight Transmissions "Spirit of the Ethereal"
13. Damsel In The Dollhouse "Where I Left Her (Damned and Still)" Official Website Facebook SoundCloud
14. Horror Mane "Invocus" * Facebook
15. Deimos "Hamazor Hama" Facebook
16. Steven OLaf "Thou Shalt Not Kill [feat. Jay Chism]" Facebook
17. Semmath "San-Ta" Facebook SoundCloud
18. Jonathan Sharp "Epilogue" Δ Facebook SoundCloud

Disc Total Time: 1:13:33
Δ Exclusive
× Exclusive Mix

* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Philippe Gerber: All Real Sound

Available At: