Bio: Neuroscepter is the solo project of Andrew Groat, producer, synth designer and multi-instrumentalist, a creative expression of boundless darkness and fragile beauty. The project is approached as an audiovisual journey into one's inner landscapes and themes. Such manifestations of mind and spirit are reflected through Neuroscepter's layered synthesis, subtly offset with organic instrumentation, pierced and provoked by driving rhythms and harsh basslines, sometimes hostile, sometimes forgiving. High energy guitar riffs yield to gentle synth arpeggios. Quiet piano intros are unforgivingly trampled by thundering drums. Neuroscepter is a dichotomy; a living equilibrium of aggression and sympathy.

In terms of genre it is part Electronic Industrial, part Dark Ambient, occasionally exploring modern genres such as Trap and Witch House. However, Neuroscepter undoubtedly has a strong bias to the unusual, with unique musical hooks often emerging victorious.

Andrew's Influences are Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Crystal Castles, Team Sleep and the chaotic, unravelling symphony that is the living world.

Neuroscepter has a visual component that compliments and supports the music. Andrew spends nearly as much time working on design, photographic and video projects as he does his music, which can be seen in videos, album artwork and independent design works attributed to Neuroscepter.

Previous musical handles:
TheApetur (Industrial, electronic)
Methodof Madness (Drum and Bass)
& Yaman (Reggae, electronic)
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Luciforms Return

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