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Vampyre is a compilation created to accompany the book by the same name by Ted Carter of TC Photography in New Orleans, Louisiana who specializes in Maritime and Industrial Photography, Personal and Executive Portraits, Fine Art Photography, and Erotic Photography. He's created a collection of erotic vampiric photographs and combined them with related text into the book "Vampyre" released in various formats including a Magazine, Soft Cover Book, and Hard Bound Book editions. These can all be found at the New Orleans Vampyre Website. The compilation contains images selected from these works and outtakes. You'll want to get them all! There is both a digital version and a 2CD physical version of the compilation that features 12 images from TC Photography's collection related to the book. The CD version has some images not featured in the book! The CD booklet also contains a vampiric 'centerfold' of Gina Starr.


Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions with TC Photography
Photography: TC Photography
Models: Hada Pixie, TheJadeRose, Semper Amari Sterling, Gina Starr, V, TG Mondalf, Storm Decay, Darth Metal, & Cassadee.

This compilation consists of vampire themed and vampire related tracks in mainly the Witch House, Industrial, & Gothic genres including a bit of Neo-Folk and Neo-Medieval. This is a 2CD collection containing 11 tracks each and nearly 50 minutes per disc.

Disc 1:
01. Der Himmel über Berlin "The Chosen Ones" 4:48 [also avail on Emesys EP] Facebook SoundCloud
02. Neuroscepter "Forest of the Impaled" 5:38Δ [more info]
03. EctoProxy "Consumption" 4:53* [more info]
04. Sidewalks & Skeletons "Eternal" 3:41 [also avail on White Light] [more info]
05. Nano Infect "Shadow Dance" 5:35 [also avail on Circuitry Of Blades] Official Website Facebook
06. † Blood Wolf † "No God" 3:12†Δ Facebook Google+ SoundCloud Instagram
07. Jeremiah Saint "cruSHEd" 6:08†× Facebook Bandcamp
08. Microwaved "Ascension (Ft. Sean "Satyr" Tracy of PRODUKT)" 3:42Δ Facebook Twitter Tumblr MySpace Last.fm Bandcamp
09. The Left Hand of Creation "SPIT3FUL VISAG3" 4:00Δ Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Last.fm Bandcamp
10. The Heartwood Institute "Masquerade" 3:03Δ Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Bandcamp
11. Black Heroin Gallery "His Beautiful Darkness" 3:29* Facebook

Disc Time: 50:00

Disc 2:
01. Finite Automata "Second Circle" 4:30 Official Website Facebook Twitter ReverbNation Last.fm MySpace YouTube
02. Morrison's Prophecy "Blood Smuggler" 5:21Δ Facebook SoundCloud ReverbNation
03. Grigori 3 "Kindred" 3:19 [also avail on Exile] Official Website
04. Mercury Bat "Winds of Aeons" 3:36†Δ Official Website Facebook
05. MONOMORTE "S3v3ranc3" 5:05 [also avail. on Coven XXIII] SoundCloud
06. BΛNMΛSKIM "I ĦɅ▼Ʃ ΤĦΘɌNϨ" 2:48Δ SoundCloud
07. OniriA "Ancient Lake of Blood" 6:23Δ SoundCloud YouTube
08. Gnothi Seauton "Goodnight" 3:09 SoundCloud Bandcamp
09. Amor†h "Dark Heart (Broken Chakra rmx feat. Ghost Dust)" 5:04* SoundCloud Bandcamp
10. Skaen "Thy Gods Worship Death" 4:03 SoundCloud
11. Tarkhem w/ Vicereine De Mourney "The Last Veil" 4:20* Official Website ReverbNation

Disc Time: 49:00

Total Time: 1:37:00

Δ Exclusive
× Exclusive Mix
* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Geert de Wilde: Skyshifter/IC 434 Studio - Antwerp, Belgium
† Mixed by Mitia Wexler: wxlr.mx - Rouen, France

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Sidewalks & Skeletons "Eternal"

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