Bio: MAUERBRECHER (pronounced "Mao-air-bray-her") is the musical brainchild of Erilaz Asugisalas, although the actual number of band members swells temporarily from time to time. Erilaz started composing electronic music with primitive means in 1994, but it wasn't until the year 2000 that his attention shifted towards medieval music, a style of music that had fascinated him since his early teens. The moniker Mauerbrecher (German for ”battering ram,” or literally ”wall breaker”) was originally chosen as a joke name, the German language having a stereotypically sinister image in the popcultural mind, and was thus thought fitting for any dark and loud type of music. The name stuck, however, even though the music of Mauerbrecher nowadays focuses more on ambient and folky moods. Mauerbrecher's musical style is idiosyncratic and eclectic, although a strong element of Medieval music is usually present.

Mauerbrecher has released two albums on the now defunct Virginia-based label The Fossil Dungeon and has now joined Venus Aeon to continue their journey.

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The Sacred Oak

Midwinter Night (compilation)

AIR (compilation)

FIRE (compilation)

The Beast Within (compilation)

LUST (compilation)