V/A - Midwinter Night

A collection of dark music for the midwinter season

Concept: TG Mondalf
Cover Design: Heru-Set Productions
Released In Collaboration with Latex Records

This release contains a variety of genres including Darkwave, Post-Punk, Medieval, Synthpop, Industrial, Experimental and Electronic for Winter, Yule, and Christmas.

01. Ant Banister "Sounds Like Winter" (2018 Remix) + Facebook Bandcamp
02. ʍoıɹʎuod "RainyDream"
03. Burnt Souls "Into The Void" * Facebook
04. Mercury Bat "Blood on the Snow" † Facebook
05. Sugar Relics “Winter Time" Facebook
06. Moon to Monk "Silent Night" Δ† Facebook
07. Mauerbrecher “The Yule Goat Cometh”
08. Xtort "Outside" Δ Facebook Bandcamp
09. FlammPunkt “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” Facebook Bandcamp
10. Ars Sonor & The Ideal Beginning "Running Away" *

Δ Exclusive
+ Exclusive Mix
* Previously Unreleased

MMastered by Ant Banister, Mantravision Productions
† Mixed by Mitia Wexler: wxlr.mx

Available At:
Bandcamp CD Baby

Xtort "Outside"


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