V/A - REBIRTH: A New Gothic Revival

REBIRTH is a collection of 35 new international artists (nearly 2 and a half hours of music) mainly playing Traditional Goth Rock with a touch of new Gothic Coldwave and Deathrock tracks added for good measure. All artists featured have a Post-Punk sound reminiscent of Goth Rock's heyday. With this compilation we want to show the world that Goth is NOT dead and that it's being resurrected globally by a plethora of new artists, as is Post-Punk in general.

In recent years there's been a lot of confusion as to what is goth and what is not so we thought it'd be great to take it back to it's roots as have these artists. It seems there is a strong desire to bring underground genres like this back to its founding influences and that is what many of these artists have done.

Something that sets this apart from the early Goth Rock releases is that you will find most of these artists while maintaining true to the genre's roots have produced much cleaner, crisper sounds using modern equipment while maintaining the same edge of early punk roots often shown in Deathrock especially. What you hear is a much more professional recording while still having that DIY often punk rock feel.

Why do we call this a "New Gothic Revival"? You may ask this question, especially if you are in any of the countries where this music is being played regularly at goth events. However, in the United States most modern 'goth' clubs play mostly EBM and Synthpop with some of the Classic New Wave and Goth Rock thrown in. Unfortunately most American DJs haven't realized that since the early 2000s Post-Punk and Goth Rock have seen a huge resurgence in countries all over the world which took place at the same time as EBM and Power Noise were gaining momentum in the U.S. Thus, mainly for an American audience and any other countries where this music has not been heavily featued, the "New Gothic Revival" refers to Post-Punk, Goth Rock, and Deathrock music created by newer bands that started makinng an appearance since the early 2000s.

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon
Design: Heru-Set Productions

For this release we have also produced a few REBIRTH Versions which were mixed by Mitia Wexler of WXLR.mx exclusively for this release. We thank the artists for allowing us to take their creations and give them a new studio mix for this release

01. Sounds Like Winter “Impossible Dreams” Facebook Bandcamp
02. Der Himmel Über Berlin "Dead Cities" Facebook Bandcamp
03. Christine Plays Viola “Murderous Dementia” Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
04. Crying Vessel "Killing Time" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
05. Dark Side Cowboys "I Would Never" Official Website Facebook
06. Feeding Fingers "Arrive a Leech" Official Website Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
07. Whispers In The Shadow "The Urgency of Now" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
08. The Breath Of Life "Crime Passionnel" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
09. L'An2000 "Strangers" Official Website Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
10. Amaranth "Streets of Glass" Facebook
11. Human "Last Exit Before The Crash" × Facebook Bandcamp
12. Guillotine Dream "Darkling Rooms" Facebook Bandcamp
13. Mourning Laughter "Bleeding Velvet" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
14. Artica "Hellhead" (REBIRTH Version) × Official Website Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
15. Instant Lake "Sit Back" Facebook
16. Raven Said "Sleepwalker" Facebook Soundcloud
17. The Flatfield "Grey City" Facebook Bandcamp
18. The Quinsy "Invasion" Facebook Bandcamp
19. Neu Zaum "Sunrise That Never Comes" [more info]
20. Cliff and Ivy "Fossil Fuel" Official Website Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
21. Subterfuge "Unhinged" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
22. 0Kontrol "Ty Vezde" * Facebook Bandcamp
23. The Garland Cult "Slip Away" Facebook
24. Then Comes Silence "Strangers" Official Website Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
25. The Guests "Highlands" * Facebook Bandcamp
26. Amáutica “Alunizaje (Nemesis Remix by Rotten)” Facebook Bandcamp
27. Hateful Scarecrows "Parasitic Hell" (REBIRTH Version) Δ× Bandcamp
28. Phantoccini "Amori Amara Sacrum" Facebook Bandcamp
29. Godless Procession "You Told Me So" Facebook Facebook Bandcamp
30. The Spiritual Bat "Killing" (REBIRTH Version) × Facebook Bandcamp
31. New Breed "When The Lights Are Out" Facebook Bandcamp
32. Haflingerallergie "Cursed" Facebook Bandcamp
33. Kali Yuga "The Cosmology of Decay" [more info]
34. The SINS "No Tomorrow" Official Website Last.fm
35. Virgin in Veil "Of Tears and Poisons" Official Website Facebook Bandcamp

Disc Total Time: 2:20:46
Δ Exclusive
× Exclusive Mix

* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Philippe Gerber: All Real Sound
(REBIRTH Versions) Mixed by Mitia Wexler: wxlr.mx - Rouen, France

In Loving Memory of:
Voe Saint-Clare (Angels of Liberty) April 18th, 2017 R.I.P.

Available At:
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