V/A - Elements Vol. 4 - Water

Water is part four in a five part compilation series on the occult Elements.

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: Lithium Dreams Photography
Model: Hada Pixie

This compilation combines the sounds of Witch House, Electronica, Trance, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Neo-Medieval, and other experimental music elements to summon the element of Water.

01. Sanctus "The Sanctus Of V" 5:50
02. SΛIN†INΞLS "- "ɅU†UMN'S DIRGΣ (2018)" 4:04
03. Mauerbrecher "Midsummer Morning" 4:34 [Band Page]
from The Sacred Oak
04. Ash Code "Rivers" 4:09 Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
from Icy Cold
05. Cur of the Sun "Hanging in Water" 4:35 *
06. Introspect Void "The Cascade" 3:49 [Band Page]
07. ʍoıɹʎuod "- "осень" 2:11
08. Mercury Bat "Cascade in the Dark (Dead Miami Mix)" 7:42 Δ Official Website Facebook
09. Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg "Tides" 4:39 [Band Page] *
10. Ciphony "Amphidromic" 7:09 Δ Official Website Facebook
11. Tactil Vision "Her Heat A Heavy Fluid" 7:24 * Facebook Bandcamp
12. Ars Sonor "Her Inner Purity" 3:45
13. Phantom Signal "The Hanged Man" 10:15 Facebook Bandcamp

Disc Total Time: 1:10:06

Δ Exclusive
* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Rob hEADaCHE: Uncoiled Loops

Available At:


Deep Green Peacefaerie