V/A - Subterranean Passages Vol. 1

Subterranean Passages is a unique collection of dark ambient in two volumes. Enter this underworld journey and if you can manage to overcome your fears then you may find beauty on the other side.

Created by Rob hEADaCHE: Uncoiled Loops
& TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Cover Art: Morbidly Beautiful
Photography: Lithium Dreams Photography
Model: Hada Pixie

Volume one takes us on a quick trip through the waking world before dropping into a slow industrial descent. We then find ourselves in a vast empty abyss and a dark alien new landscape.

Disc 1:
01. High Priestess Regan "Journeys" 11:55 Facebook YouTube
02. Introspect Void "The Entropy of Nyarlathotep" 6:09* Official Website Facebook SoundCloud
03. Drudenhaus "Lucifer's Descension" 3:16* Facebook
04. Draconian Method "Burn the Bodies" 5:15*
05. Harrowing Nurses "Matter" 6:26* Facebook
06. Dark Matter Noise "If I Should Die" 2:55 Facebook Bandcamp
07. Cur of the Sun "Seppukunst No. 2, Temperature of Night" 12:17* Official Website
08. Secant Prime "Jacobi Elliptic Function" 5:44* Official Website SoundCloud
09. Michael Idehall "Prophet of the Storm" 9:28* Official Website Facebook
10. Mister Vapor "Exhalation" 5:26* [more info]
11. Thalie Némésis & Agony For Pleasure "Clamavi" 9:21* Official Website Facebook Twitter SoundCloud YouTube / Facebook Bandcamp

Disc Total Time: 78:11

Available At:

Volume 2