V/A - Elements Vol. 5 - Aether

Aether is the final release in a five part compilation series on the occult Elements.

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: Lithium Dreams Photography
Model: Hada Pixie

Special Thanks to Secret Sin Records for the use of music from Angels of Liberty.

This compilation combines the genre sounds of Ethereal, Neo-Classical, Goth Rock, Experimental, Industrial, Witch House, Trance, & Neo-Medieval.

01. Autumn Tears "The Ghost Beside Me" 4:21 Facebook Bandcamp
from The Origin Of Sleep
02. Aeon Sable "Dark Matter" 8:06 Official Website Facebook Bandcamp
from Aether (2018)
03. Project K11 "Hollywood" 5:33 Δ
04. GHØS†BØY "Radiate" 4:44 [Band Page] *
05. Mandivula "Grey" 4:10 Facebook Bandcamp from Nonsense
06. Skaersilden "Suriwattash (Instrumental Version)" 5:11 Δ Facebook
07. Paul Mercer "Seven Were Sworn" 4:04 Official Website Facebook
08. Dreaming In Spanda "Attainment of the Rainbow Body" 4:26 * Facebook Bandcamp
09. Angels of Liberty "Touch The Daemon" 5:06 Official Website Facebook
from Telepathine
10. Ciphony "Quintom Scenario" 3:01 Δ Official Website Facebook
11. Saintenels "Gekata Beloved" 6:27
12. Spiryt "Peyolt" 3:00 Δ Facebook
13. Moon To Monk "Mare Nectaris" 3:54 Facebook SoundCloud
14. Mercury Bat "Dark Blimps Squadron" 6:18 † * Official Website Facebook
15. Secant Prime vs Veniculture "iDrone 5sv" 5:19 Official Website SoundCloud Bandcamp
16. Introspect Void "Endless Dawn" 4:43 [Band Page] Δ
17. Sanc†us "My Knight" 4:50 Δ

Disc Total Time: 1:23:22

Δ Exclusive
* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Ant Banister, Mantravision Productions
† Mixed by David Vaughn:
Rigid Clit Productions

Available At:

The Ghost Beside Me
by Autumn Tears

Touch The Daemon
by Angels of Liberty