Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg > Anton [Remastered]

Examining the genres of classical, jazz fusion and ambient, brothers Daniel & Mikael is back with another great album. Containing 9 tracks exclusively composed to set the post-apocalyptic scene for Visual Cooks’ science fiction thriller Anton, the album combines the orchestral and experimental styles that the brothers has become known for, and that the audience has grown to appreciate.

Cover Design by Daniel Tjernberg

1. The Hunt
2. Atmospheric Toxicity
3. Postapocalyptic Landscape
4. Heartbeat
5. Out of Hand
6. Hero
7. Anton
8. Summoning
9. Atmospheric Toxicity [reprise]

All music written and arranged by Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg
Recorded at Goatman Studios between 2010-2011
Mixed and produced by Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg
Mastered by Rob Schubert of Uncoiled Loops

Available At:
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